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I adopted a dog a year ago from Petsmart and was recommended to go to Sunnymead by the adoption agency. This office is very modest–but what it lacks in appearance it makes up for in value. Our puppy needed his shots and they were about 15 dollars, half of what most clinics charge. Our puppy later needed to be neutered, and although our adoption agency paid for it, it would have only cost around 35 dollars, priced very, very reasonably. Our puppy seemed to be unhappy in a cage, but how else are dogs going to be kept when waiting for or recovering from surgery? We picked him up in a timely manner and he recovered quickly from his surgery and stitches. The staff has always been great to us, and for how busy they are, they do an excellent job. It is obvious that they have a passion for dogs. I personally have not experienced anything wrongdoing from their part, no neglect or disorganization or even a bad attitude when they are busy. My dog has received excellent care. Give this place a try! You can't afford not to.

Karla V

I absolutely adored having Dr. Park as my babies' vet. He doesn't charge up the wahzoo and knows how to fix the problem. Seriously. We've taken my 3 dogs, 6 cats (over the years) and they have been fixed with what ever issue they had. I'm not saying he's a miracle worker but damn well should be!! I felt very comfortable with him and his staff each time we were there. He isn't a fluffy (no pun intended) doctor but he has a way of just letting you know he cares for your animals and their well-being. Sadly, we have moved out of the city and he's no longer our vet but he and his team will be missed…..


Dr. Park did an awesome job with my dog. As you may have ascertained from some of the other reviews, this place is incredibly busy. I have been coming here for the last 15 years, and am always greeted with a familiar smile from many of the same employees who are still working there since the first day I became a client! Recently, my family has been experiencing some economic hardships as I'm sure many of you are. However, with Dr. Park, money is never something that comes between getting the proper treatment for your pet. He worked with us and gave us a significant discount to his already thrifty prices, and although we still weren't able to completely pay the bill, he simply told us to pay him when our situation improves. I can guarantee you that you will not find a doctor like him anywhere!! He not only takes care of your pet, but he also takes care of his clients as well! I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks for everything Dr. Park!

Maggie M

Years ago my moms dog was extremely ill. Dr Park and his staff were compassionate and understanding about financial situations. They saved my mom's dog. When our new puppy Meeshka became ill recently we knew where to take her. Although, they are a very busy office, they were truely concerned over our pet and took care of her. Their main concern was saving the dog, not collecting the money. That's how every Vet. should be like. They have made us their client for life! Thank you to Dr. Park and his wonderful staff for seeing us today (even though we kind of barged in on your day) and for helping our new puppy. The Meils Family (especially Meeshka)


Dr. Park treated my dog for an eye infection. He was very thorough and took the time to answer all my questions. He was very kind and compassionate and provided a high level of service. I would highly recommend him.

Richard D W

We have been with Dr. Parks for about 7 years now. We are on a single income so over the years things have come up and this office has always worked with us. We have had a few emergency's along the way too and they have helped us greatly with our pets. I know some people would life a really nice 5 star place to take their animals for care. Perhaps a large waiting room with comfortable chairs and tile floors. Dr. Parks office seems (to us) to be more concerned with how they are going to treat their puppy's then what color paint is on the wall or what type flooring there is. With that said….most hospitals don't measure up. I would pay twice that just to continue utilizing Dr. Parks services. His office is small and always busy but he always has time for his patients. His bedside manner as well as his staff is excellent. Keep up the good work. We have left our dogs overnight from time to time due to necessary procedures. They have always come home in better condition then when we left them. I would write a million reccomendations on how well you are with the animals and how much you really understand a family's financial situation. We really appreciate what you do for us and our four legged children.